Privacy Policy

Last Updated 2.20.20

– No Legalese! –Plain English!–No Nonsense!

Businesses/Email Senders:

The business data record of businesses registering on our and reseller sites, and purchasing our whitelist emails service, Whitelist Emails will not sell the business profile to anyone!  No BS! Period! 

Emailed Recipients:

There is no collection of emailed recipients’ email addresses! Emailed recipients simply allow adding email senders to recipients’ Email Service Provider’s white list, aka “filters.”  The service is automated without a manual review of the adding sender to the recipients’ white list. The only party seeing and authorizing the process is the emailed recipient. The sender will not be notified, whether or not the recipient decided to whitelist the sender. The whitelisting of the sender is also reversible by simply removing the sender from whitelist! No BS!

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