Terms of Service


Last Updated 2.20.20

– No Legalese! –Plain English!–No Nonsense!

Businesses/Email Senders:

Email Sender selects one of the 3 purchase options to obtain credits.  1 credit is used when your list of domains is whitelisted. Just 1 credit per list, not per each domain on the list. The maximum number of domains to add is 10. Your email to your recipients should indicate the list of domains that will be automatically whitelisted. The credits purchases are only debited when an emailed recipient actually uses our service to whitelist emails sender.  The sender is not charged if the emailed recipient does not use our automated service. Our service will cause many emailed recipients to manually go through the process of whitelisting the sender, but there is no credits debited in this case. The option to make payments (1 or 2 years) instead of paying upfront is in conjunction with using our leasing company. Businesses will make payments to the leasing company instead of the website as a leasing company will paysite owner. Currently, there are no bank statements required by the leasing company when seeking lease payments. If you use your credits before the lease payment is done the lease company will still expect payments through the end of the lease. There is no time frame in which the credits must be used by or you lose the credits. We cannot guarantee the leasing company will approve your application. If the leasing company does not approve of you, you can, of course, pay upfront. If the Email Service makes changes that cause us to update the software, we will make the best efforts to make the updates as soon as possible at no charge to existing email sending customers.    Credits may be transferred to another party that is already using our service for a manual processing fee of $75. There are absolutely no refunds of credits. If there are technical difficulties with our server, this fact does not affect any emailed recipients that have already used service nor will you lose credits—server shit happens, and you agree with your purchase to waive any and all claims of any nature legal or otherwise, against all parties and entities associated with Whitelist Emails and its parent company, and officers and including resellers.



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